Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shouldn't "exercise" be a four letter word?

I've been on again, off again on a diet for the past...oh I don't know...10 years! Two years ago, I joined WW "for the last time" and dropped 52 pounds. Slowly some (14 pounds) have found their way back. So, a few weeks ago I started my new plan. It's been going well thus far.

My biggest concern regarding weight loss is the exercise. I loathe it! That being said, I think I've managed to figure out a way to get in some exercise and trick myself into thinking it's not actually work. :) This is GREAT news for me!

See, I'm typically the gal who goes gung-ho into the diet portion of whatever plan I choose and think that just that alone is going to fix my problem. As most of us know, this is not the case. Diet works well for a time...you loose a bit of weight...and then you plateau. The only thing that kick starts your metabolism again is to increase your activity level. This is where I typically fall off the wagon. UGH!

But this time, with this plan you are encouraged to walk only. They don't want you to do a whole lot more than that. I LOVE THIS! I CAN DO THIS! I already walk weekly on Sunday morning with my good friend Paisley Penguin. One "exercise" day down! WHOO HOO! And, after talking with my neighbor I learned that she too would like to get more "exercise" into her week. So we decided that we would walk in the evening after the kids are in bed. YAY! Even more "exercise" days down! Now, mind you I don't particularly enjoy walking either but having someone to do it with makes it seem less like "exercise" and more like a gab session. This I like. :)

So back to the tricking myself. So far this week I have walked on Sunday, Monday and tonight I played badminton with my hubby and our neighbors. I think I've figured it out folks...you have to PLAY...not "exercise" and that makes it all good! GO PLAY! HAVE FUN!


paisley penguin said...

Hey walking buddy. You go and have some fun! :)

small town city girl said...

Thanks! I will!