Monday, September 1, 2008

Oh, to be a four year old boy...

My son recently got his hair cut. He decided that he must have a mohawk. We decided that this was OK being as he is only four. It's kinda cute. I'm not just saying that...many people have commented...really. :)

He has also decided that "he" doesn't want anyone to tell him they like his hair. I've tried to explain to him that people with exceptionally cool hair cuts often hear remarks about them. He just doesn't want anyone to look at him. So when they do, he tries to crawl into my skin. This has become quite annoying for me. Everyone else thinks it's cute that he's "shy".

If only we all could be blatantly rude and be thought of as cute.


paisley penguin said...

Totally cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm actually a fan of the fauxhawk. I wish my son had enough hair to do it.

Manager Mom said...

He could go mohawk -to-mohawk with Maddox Pitt Jolie!

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