Friday, November 14, 2008

Books are my weakness.

I was visiting with my friend and neighbor the other day and she was telling me about this book she had read and couldn't put down. We usually have similar taste in books, so I was listening attentatively. I'm always up for recommendations.

She let me borrow it and about 20 pages in I was completely hooked! I could not put this book down! I read it in less than 24 hours time of which 8 I was sleeping, 3 I was at preschool and several others I was othewise occupied with daily life. If I would have read it without stopping I would venture to say it would have taken about 5 hours. I typically read about 100 pages per hour when left to my own devices.

If you are's Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I know, it's a tennybopper book, but it's surprisingly great! I just finished New Moon today which is the second of the series of 4. This woman sure knows how to keep your interest. I'm hopefully getting and starting the third book tonight, Eclipse.

How about you all, what are you reading?


Anonymous said...

I have read all four and can't wait to go see the movie!!! Edward is dreamy!

paisley penguin said...

I have heard about this series. Can't wait to check it out!

beansntatersmama said...

I just shipped my niece The Host for her birthday now I'm thinking maybe I should have read it first. I love to read also and it's my most favorite thing to do during the winter. Get the kids to bed early and climb into bed with a book and bowl of cereal.

Seriously Mama said...

I just bought Twilight the other night and have big plans for reading it this weekend. Now should I read it before or after I see the movie?