Monday, May 18, 2009

Really??? Like we really needed to see that!

DH and I were watching a television program yesterday and a commercial came on that I was slightly put off by. You may have seen it, maybe's for Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Tests.

Most of us gals who have taken one (or a few) of these modern day helpers are very familiar with how they work. We don't need a visual aid. Read the directions...'nuff said. Anyway in the commercial, someone at the company thought it would be a great idea to show just how easy it is for this test to work and they actually show a stream pee splashing no less on the absorbent end of the stick. YUCK! As gross as it is, I just feel the need to share.

Those of you who haven't seen it are in for a treat...I found it on YouTube.

Here you go:

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Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I ever saw that commercial. I laughed my arse off!