Thursday, July 3, 2008

Holiday Long Weekend!!

This weekend promises to be fun for all of us.

My hubby is off for all three days. He's going to be crazy by the end of it. He's the type that can't sit still for more than an hour at a time without getting bored. :) He's got a list of stuff he wants to accomplish...we'll see how it goes.

We're having family over for a BBQ tomorrow night to celebrate the 4th. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought some festive paper plates, napkins, and plastic flatware so I can enjoy everyone's company without the worry of dishes.

My 4yo son is on the brink of riding his bicycle sans training wheels. He can actually ride and balance fine, it's just the stopping that he has trouble with. He hasn't figured out that he has to put his foot on the ground to avoid the spill. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can have him on two wheels by the end of the weekend! He's super excited because then he can go "SUPER FAST"!

I'm planning to relax and enjoy the family time. I really want to not worry about messes, cleaning, laundry or anything else home-maker related.

We might go and get some poppers and maybe some sparklers just for fun too, but otherwise as far as fireworks are concerned we probably won't be out that late. Maybe next year.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate the holiday, stay safe and have fun!

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LiteralDan said...

I love how at this age, everything good is Super something.

Hope you had a nice holiday weekend!