Thursday, July 3, 2008


I realized today that I haven't been checking the blogs that I've grown to love reading in almost a week. So, I got back on track and caught up. Now it's time to update my own.
  • The yardsale last weekend was a great time! We ended up with 6 families involved and we had a great turnout. It was busy busy all day and in the end, we took two vanloads and a carload to the donation site. I'm not sure how much the boys ended up donating, but they had a lot too. Total sale, we made $379.65 to split amongst us all. It was a good day and much fun was had by all!
  • My portion of the yardsale money coupled with money I made earlier in the week for babysitting went to pay the first payment on our newly consolidated credit card. We now only have ONE! YAY. And I got to make the first payment. :)
  • The diet is going really well! I forgot to weigh in this morning (day 11) but as of yesterday, I had lost 8.4 pounds. That is significant for me. Usually I'm a -.2 per week kinda gal. So, I'm keeping to this one. We'll see how the long weekend goes as Monday is my actual "weigh in" day.
  • We're still on track for our financial goals of the summer and this makes me happy!

I guess all in all, the past week has been a really good overall. Hope you've been so lucky as well.

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