Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a day!

Today started out like every other day. We got out of bed and had breakfast.

Just east of our house they are doing some road construction so my son was super excited to watch them unload the machinery and set up. We were outside at 6:45 in our PJ's and robes on the front stoop watching the "worker men". We had planned on going to the free family movie at the cinema by our house today too. They were playing Everyone's Hero. A VERY cute movie if you 1) like baseball and 2) like a good moral to your cartoon story. We really enjoyed the movie and might even rent it so Daddy can watch it with us. So far, so good right???

Before the movie we decided to run by and see Nana at work. I had a few things to drop off to her and it is semi-on the way. We visited for a few minutes and then headed off to the movie. When the show was over, we headed home for lunch. We ate lunch and were just about finished when I got a call that my new glasses and contacts were in. Still no biggie... We finished up, got shoes on, potty breaks taken care of and headed out the door to go get my eye wear. We arrived at the eye store, went inside and got everything we needed. We leave, get to the car, start it, back out of the stall, headed for home and THEN.....

About 50 yards into my drive, the car just putters off and dies! I can't get it started again. I have over 1/2 tank of gas. The car was just serviced about 1500 miles ago. It is generally a great car. I have no clue as to what is wrong! I call my hubby SEVEN TIMES and he doesn't answer. I finally had to call his work and have his phone alerted so he would get a message that we need him. He finally called back to help. Thankfully he has an "in" at a local tow company because he worked there for over 3 years and they sent someone out to rescue us and tow us home. :(

We are home now and hubby just left to take the car in for a diagnosis. It still is not running, but we should know tomorrow what is wrong with it. Thankfully for us, Nana works for a car dealership and we will benefit from her employee discount on parts and labor.

Overall I guess we should be thankful that we broke down in a parking lot and not on the side of the freeway. Thank goodness I remembered potty breaks and we had water in the car! No one was hurt in the process and our bank account shouldn't suffer too terribly bad unless something is terribly wrong. Keep us in your thoughts. I'll keep you posted.


paisley penguin said...

OMG! I hope your car isn't too expensive to fix! I am thinking good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I say have a nap and try for a better day tomorrow!