Sunday, August 3, 2008

Give me an "A" and kudos to my friends.

A is for addiction!

I'm still relatively new to blogging. I've been here for almost 2 months. In said two months, I have become addicted!

* I find myself checking my blog at least three or four times each and every day. I love to see what my new "friends" have to say.

* I find it fascinating that I get to have a glimpse of what other mom's, wives, and friends go through on a day to day basis.

* I love the fact that I can lurk and no one gets to know that I was even there if I don't want them to know.

* I love leaving comments on fellow blogger's posts and seeing their comments when they visit me.

* I love that I get to keep an online journal that I can refer back to years from now and see what was going through my mind and there is no paper "crap" laying around!

But most of all, I love each morning when I sit down with my cup of coffee and read my favorite blogs: MamaNeena, Money Saving Mom, Take life with a grain of chocolate and The Simple Dollar. MamaNeena cracks me up! Money Saving Mom saves me money. Take a great friend and I like to see what she's up to. And Trent at The Simple Dollar just offers great advice for people looking to reduce their debt and save. I start my day off every day with these great friends and I hope you check them out and enjoy them too. Thanks guys for helping me off on the right foot. I don't start a day without you.


paisley penguin said...

Thanks for the mention and I am addicted to blogs too. Been out of town since last weekend with no internet access so pretty silent. Missed our walk Sunday but they will be back to normal soon enough.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the club, fellow addict!