Thursday, September 25, 2008

We have to talk!

Last night Hubby got home from work and DS sits down in the living room with him. He plops his little 4 year old body in the chair and says. "We have to talk." Here's how the conversation goes.

DS: We have to talk.

Hubby: Ok, about what?

DS: About Blue. (Blue is the name of a dumptruck at Hubby's work which DS has decided is HIS and no one is to drive it...his exact thoughts on the subject are as follows: Blue is to sit at the work yard as a decoration until DS is old enough to drive it himself.)

Hubby: What about Blue?

DS: You aren't supposed to drive him! He's mine!

Hubby: But we have to, the boss said so.

DS: Well, you tell him that I said you aren't supposed to drive him, because he's MINE!

Hubby: Ok, I'll tell him that we can't drive Blue anymore because you said so.

I was in the other room, because I couldn't contain my laughter. My son was determined that this was the way it was going to be. I could tell it would be a doozy when he began with "We need to talk!".

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