Monday, September 22, 2008

Kid free weekend = SUCCESS!

This past weekend was blissful! Hubby and I had a kid free weekend. That's right, Friday evening to Sunday afternoon without the interruption of our son. It was fantastic!

My MIL picked up our son Friday after she got off of work and took him out to dinner, the next day was on to the science center and walking all around the city. He had a great time. The highlight for him was the bus ride to the science center! He has wanted to ride a bus FOR_EV_ER!! And he finally got to.

Our weekend was much less active but none the less exciting!

Friday evening, we got Chinese take out and some movies. We ate dinner at our table and got to talk about adult things without censoring them. We finished dinner, and had no dishes...woo hoo! We then watched Baby Mama, had popcorn and snuggled on the couch. Sappy I know!

Saturday, hubby had to work so I got to spend the day doing whatever I wanted! I slept in until 9:15!! Grabbed Starbucks and headed for Kohls. I bought myself a new handbag, wallet and some jewelry. It was so quiet for me. I also headed over to Target...and got to skip looking at the cars for once! Strolled on into Cost Plus World Market and then headed to the grocery store. It was a wonderful day to myself. When hubby got home, we decided to eat the Chinese left overs and watched Drillbit Taylor and had popcorn again.

Sunday morning, I went walking (at 6:30 am) with my friend like we always do so that Hubby could sleep in too. When I got home, we went out to breakfast and then visited the new mountain bike park. I was really impressed with the area! We then headed over to MIL's to have dinner and pick up DS. He was so happy to see us, which was nice. But he did have a great time.

Looks like we all did. As much as you love your family, it's sometimes really nice to have a break. Especially when you get to spend some kid free time with your spouse. It makes you realize why it is you like the person.

Our weekend was a SUCCESS!


Seriously Mama said...

Oooh, sounds like a glorious weekend. I am praying for one here soon!

Nap Warden said...

Yay kid free weekend!