Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who knew?? September is National Coupon Month.

I just read this morning that September is National Coupon Month. I had no idea that such a "month" existed! But, I'm glad it does. Although the month is over half way finished, I will celebrate the rest of the month with a gusto!

I did a little research this morning and discovered that manufacturers offer more than $350 billion in coupons annually. That is a LOT of savings my friend!

The average coupon value is $1.25. If you just used 10 "average" coupons per shopping trip, you would save your family $12.50. That works out to be about 3.37 gallons of gas at $3.70 per gallon. If you shop 4 times per month using coupons each time, you would save enough money to fill your gas tank with 13.48 gallons of gas. That would fill my tank 80%!! And all you need to do is clip coupons!

Makes me so glad I started "couponing", as DH so affectionately refers to my new hobby.

Take a peek at your Sunday paper and see what goodies you can find.


paisley penguin said...

I could stand to use more money for gas. Especially since hubby and I are not going to be able to carpool starting next April.

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

Coupon month?!? is there a debt month??