Friday, October 17, 2008

The end of an era. So sad...

We've finally arrived at the end of an era in our family. I find myself saddened and wishing it weren't so.

Yesterday I was informed of the correct pronunciation of fire hydrant. That's right my friends, the very last incorrect word from DS's vocabulary bit the dust yesterday!

Long gone are the "fra-vit" things and now we have the favorite things.

So long "gross-T store". Hello grocery store.

Goodbye "awful pop" and welcome toaster. (this one still holds my heart, because the waffles go pop!)

And as of yesterday, see you later "fire hard-rent".

I almost get choked up at the idea, but the fact of the matter is...I have an almost 5 year old!


MamaNeena said...

I know what you mean! Give that child a hug and pass your tips over here. Mine will be five soon enough.

small town city girl said...

They grow up tooooooo fast!! (That's me throwing a tantrum)