Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've been tagged...

I've been tagged in the game your top 7 oddities/secrets no one knows. I was tagged by my blogger friend Angie over at She has a really great blog with lots of tips for living frugally. Definitely check her out if you have a minute.

Here are my top seven...

1) I deep clean when I'm angry or upset. I'll break out the Comet and tackle the kitchen sink. I dust the corners of everything. You know, all the stuff that gets put off for once or twice a year. I do it when I'm venting.

2) My cleaner of choice is Windex. I love the stuff! I love the smell. I love the squeak the cloth makes when you wipe something. Yeah, I know I'm odd!

3) I organize my DH's sock drawer at least once a week. We share a dresser because our room is small and if it's not just so, all his stuff won't fit in. So, it's my only way of making sure stuff fits.

4) I still have to look up or ask someone what the name of Snoopy's counterpart is. The little yellow guy. As a child...and still, I can't remember if his name is Stockwood or Woodstock. BTW: I just googled it and it's Woodstock in case you didn't know either.

5) I LOVE to bake! It is calming and stress relief for me. I love to mix and pour and measure. Sometimes I love it so much that hubby asks me to stop. Those are the times when he takes things to work almost daily to share. :) His co-workers don't mind though.

6) We don't have a dishwasher, we do them by hand. But the oddity is that my dishes have assigned spaces in the dish drainer. I get upset if they are put in the wrong spot because they all won't fit if they aren't in the right way. (I know...OCD!)

7) I have a secret love for Tweety Bird. I used to have a lot of trinkets but as I've gotten older, I've gotten rid of them by way of donation or passing them on to other kiddos. But I still think she's pretty darned cute. And I do have a sticker on the back of my van. :)

Now, the fun part. I get to tag someone else....who will it be? Will it be you?

I'm thinking it will be MamaNeena. She should have some really funny things to share.

Thanks for stopping by.

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FruGal said...

Hillarious! I also have places for everything in the dish drainer, and clean like a crazy person when I'm angry or upset... and come to think of it baking is very theraputic with all the measurements and careful quantities... worrying :)