Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's snowing here...a lot!

The past few days have been downright BORING! We've been stuck inside with colds and paralyzed by the fact that outside is covered in snow. I don't mind driving myself in the snow, but I really don't like to take my son as I don't trust the other drivers. We typically don't get a whole lot of the white stuff here in the greater Seattle area, but we do get a bit. This past week I would venture to say we have had more snow that all of last year combined. Don't quote me on that though, I didn't do any research. :)

We started the week off on an ok foot, we did our normal activities on Monday. Tuesday we had school and although it was only 25 degrees or so and snow was on the ground, the kids had a great time. Wednesday school was cancelled because of the "threat" of snow and wouldn't you know it...nothing fell. It was 35 degrees and the roads were better than the day before but we didn't have school. Late that night, the powder fell and fell and fell and fell. We didn't have school the next day or the rest of the week. We officially started winter break almost a full week early!

Why are we not taking advantage of the hills and going sledding you ask? Well, that's because we aren't prepared here in casa de la smalltowncitygirl. We haven't been boot shopping this year yet, we haven't purchased any of the sledding equipment that we promised ourselves we would be getting this year, and we have colds! YUCK! I have it the worst of everyone. I haven't been sleeping well because I cough myself silly and wake up DH. So, I've been sleeping on the couch...yippie!

As I'm typing, we are having more snow fall. It really is beautiful out and I love the quiet that the snow brings with it. It's as if the world is being insulated. It's really something. I'm hoping that this lovely virus that is infecting my body will pass with the weekend...keep your fingers crossed for me. Then we're off to shop for boots and sleds. Hopefully the stores still have something!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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beansntatersmama said...

You have to get some vicks vapor rub it rocks. The kids have been keeping this crazy virus and it's driving me batty. Hope you just have a cold no one wants to be sick at christmas. I'll be praying for your super quick recovery! Have a great Christmas