Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our goofy little tree.

After trying and trying to rearrange our furniture to fit our tree in the same place we had it last year, I gave up!

Here's the problem: I made curtains over the summer and blocked off about half of the light from our front window by doing so. But I made up for it when we moved the couch away from said window and put it agains the brick red wall as seen in the picture. We have space for the tree in front of the window now, but i was afraid that the dog would knock the tree over every time she tried to look out the window. I didn't want to deal with that. I tried to combat this issue by moving the couch back in front of the window so I could put the tree against the red wall like we always do. When the furniture was all in place, I went out to get the mail. When I came back inside, it was like walking into a dungeon!

Here's the solution: I decided to put my furniture back to it's original position and just get a smaller tree! So, I hopped myself and DS into the minivan and headed to Walgreens where we purchased ourselves a very sweet 4.5 foot artificial tree with lights already strung. I put that little guy up right on top of our endtable and we LOVE it! I think it's one of the cutest trees we've had yet.

Here's the outcome: What do you think?

I still have to put more presents under it, but not too shabby so far.

Do you all put up a real tree or do you go the artificial route like me?

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Anonymous said...

I have that couch!!!!!