Thursday, December 4, 2008

And then the cat cried...

It's taken me a day to get over this, and I apologize in advance for no pictures. I just couldn't bring myself to take them. I was too mad!

After my joy filled post on Tuesday about our lovely little Christmas tree, we awoke yesterday morning at 4:30 am to the sound of the same tree crashing to the ground with a thud accompanied by the pop and clank of broken ornaments! What followed was not a pretty sight. The cat went flying through the house because she scared herself silly. I went flying into the living room because I, being awakend from a dead sleep thought someone was breaking into our house. Much to my dismay, it was just the tree....JUST the TREE! I was so mad, I seriously contemplated throwing the cat outside so she could find a nice racoon family to live happily ever after with. I was that damned mad! She was lucky it was cold and she's spent every day of her eight year old life inside or I just might have gone against my better judgement. She did however know how ticked I was at her and she NEVER left the laundry room (she sleeps on top of our water heater) yesterday and she has yet to come out and see me today.

It took me until 3:30 yesterday afternoon to relax enough to re-put up the tree. At 4:30 in the morning, I just picked it up and set it on the table. I had to remove all the ornaments that survived and pick up the broken glass. Then I had to cover the carpet with the tree skirt and lock the dog in her room so she wouldn't cut her paws because I was NOT about to vacuum at 5 am! I did finally decide that we do need a tree and I would put it together one more time. So it's back up.

I did have a heart to heart with the cat and let her know if she so much as comes close to it again, I will not be so kind. She might just find herself looking for a nice racoon boyfriend!

And to think, I was worried about the dog knocking over the tree! The cat has never done anything to it to make me concerned. Frickin' Trojan Cat!

Happy Holidays! BAH HUMBUG!


Anonymous said...

your cat and my cat are certainly getting coal this year!

Barbara said...

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paisley penguin said...

Bah! Crazy cat! Mine so far just likes to drink water from the tree. I have to wrap something around it to prevent her.