Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's new?

So, I survived my birthday. I wasn't too worried about it, but it really wasn't that much fun. I finally got my present from DH in the mail yesterday...wanna know what it was? Don't laugh, I REALLY wanted one. I got a really great flashlight! And really, I am thrilled with it. I had been asking for a great flashlight for a long time. I know that's not what most women would like for their 30th birthday, but I'm not your average girl.

I've been absent from my blogging world a lot this week because my son is having an auction at his preschool the end of March and I'm the fundraising chair. Whooo hoo! So, I've been VERY busy on the phone trying to rustle up some things that people might actually like to buy from this auction. I've been having good luck so far and the other moms that are helping are doing well also. It's been fun, but it will be GREAT when it's over.

I hope everyone is well.

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