Monday, March 30, 2009

Boogers...are they safe/healthy to eat?

So, I'm sitting here at my computer and I feel the need to google boogers. Don't ask me why...because I truly don't know. Maybe it's because over 1/2 of the class at preschool has had a fasination lately with their nose, maybe it's because I need a kleenex, maybe it's just because I felt like it. Anyway, I googled booger and here's what I got.

What is a booger?
What is a booger made of?

Then I googled one of the top ten questions of probably every mother of a young child...Is it safe to eat a booger? Like I said, over 1/2 of our class has this obsession right now. So, I got some really weird answers.

My favorite although it took me nowhere was: Strange body facts, are boogers safe to eat and how do astronauts poop in space.

So, did I get my question answered? No, but I did have a very entertaining few minutes.

Boogers...who knew?

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