Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship.

I've decided that I love Craigslist but at the same time, I hate it!

I cleaned out my son's room recently and we collectively decided upon a few things that need to be put up for sale. So, today I listed them on Craigslist.

I love many things about this wonderful web classified like:
  • convenience
  • the fact that it's free
  • most people are generally nice when purchasing kids stuff
  • the fact that it's free
  • oh, and did I's free!

I also have decided that while there are many good qualities to this service, there are several that drive me nuts like:

  • people who email you and ask only if you still have the item not leaving a name or any other information
  • the same people; when you email back that you do and give contact information ie...a phone number, disregard said phone number and either never contact you back or email you again with another odd question.
  • people who email saying they want your item and ask immediately for an address as if they can just waltz over any time without a pre-agreed upon meeting time and/or place.

So, my advice to anyone just trying Craigslist for the first time is to just be normal! When you email someone about a listed item, give your name. Ask when a good time to complete the transaction would be. Don't call a phone number after 9:00 at night! And for goodness sake, at least give the person the courtesy of a response if they ask you a question. Use your manners.

And please, if you think of it, send happy thoughts into the atmosphere for me on the few (4) items I currently have listed that they sell quickly and without having to deal with too many weirdos.

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