Sunday, June 7, 2009

Super Cheap Summer Shoes!!

I just read over at hip2save about a deal on crocs.

If you go to and place an order of two or more pairs, you will receive 1/2 off each pair. Making this even sweeter is the fact that women's and girl's mary jane styles are on sale! Women's are $14.99 and girl's are $9.99. Buy two and you will be paying $7.49 for women's and 4.99 for girl's. PLUS use this code: MALINDI09 and you will get FREE shipping!

I just bought 3 pairs for only $22.47! Considering retail on these shoes is $39.95 each pair, I'll say I got a heck of a deal!

There aren't many sizes left, but you might just get lucky! Let me know if you get a good deal.

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Anonymous said...

SOLD! I'll be shopping tonight!