Wednesday, August 13, 2008

But it was only a hangnail!

So, I had a hangnail. I picked it off just like most of the population does. No big deal right?


Apparently, picking a hangnail opens you up for infection. And not just any infection at that. Infection that can spread into your blood stream and cause the little red line that the nurses were referring to as a streak that travels from the point of the infection (my right thumb) all the way up my arm almost to my elbow bend. I know...all from a friggin hangnail! It even gets better.

The doctor came in and informed me that I had come in "just in time" because if the infection would have gone into my joints, I could have lost my hand! Supposedly this is a common occurrence. I had no idea! She also said that if my white blood cells were too high (they tested me and I was fine thankfully!) that I would have to see a hand surgeon the same day and "have the infection extracted! (read: a big fat hairy needle would have been stuck into my already sore thumb and all the goop would be sucked out!) YUCK and NO THANK YOU!

Because my cell count was good, all I got was a shot of antibiotic and then they gave me 10 days of pills. I'm on day 3 of my antibiotics, the red line is gone from my arm and the infection in my thumb is almost gone too.

Who knew...a hangnail?

What a powerful little annoyance.


Anonymous said...

Um, wow. I'm almost speechless. This is one for the record books.

small town city girl said...

I know right?? I kept waiting for someone to laugh and say, "just kidding" or something but it didn't happen.

paisley penguin said...

OMG! I'm glad you are OK - who knew?

mre30seattle said...

Had one of those in my big toe years ago.

Also had that same huge needle in said big to to "extract" the infection!!!

Passed out in hospital from seeing needle and took the nite off from work.