Friday, August 22, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

I'm pretty excited, I finally get to participate in a Super Savings Saturday at Money Saving Mom!

I had a two really great deals this week, but only have one picture. :( Next week I will be better about photos. My hubby thinks it's super funny that I've taken to photographing groceries.

Deal one at Walgreens.

Purchase was:

4 boxes Preparation H wipes (thank goodness I know someone who can use these as I have now 9 boxes!) They were free with $4 overage after (4) $2/1 IVC and (4) printable Prep H $3/1 coupons.

2 boxes Cheerios, 1 box Honey nut Cheerios, Free plus $.01 overage with (3) $1/1 coupon and using overage from Prep H.

4 jars Ragu Spaghetti Sauce, used (2) $1/2 coupons and earned $4 RR for purchasing 6 items all together with the Skippy too.

2 jars Skippy, used $1/2 coupon.

1 package Egg Noodles, free with purchase of two Ragu sauces. :)

2 bars Yardley soap, $.69 each after WAG 7 day coupon.

I also used a RR reward for $3 off my purchase.

Total OOP was $3.70!! Plus I earned the $4 RR from the Skippy/Ragu deal AND I noticed when I got home that the cashier gave me back my $3 RR that I tried to use on the purchase, but she did ring it in as a coupon...So, WAGS paid me $3.30 to shop!

Deal TWO at Walgreens.

3 more boxes of Prep H wipes, Free plus $3 oveage after (3) $2/1 IVC and (3) $3/1 coupons

1 more box of Cheerios, Free after $1/1 and overage from Prep H.

3 more Yardley soaps $.69 each, but actually only paid $.03 because of leftover overage from Prep H.

Total OOP was $1.29 because we have to pay sales tax before coupons in our great state!

In two deals, I saved $57.93! And I only spent $4.99! WHOO HOO! Not too bad for a newbie!


Melissa said...

so funny because today I lugged all my groceries inside INCLUDING the water bottles, cat litter, and powerades which normally stay in our garage.. but hey.. I had to get the pics for my blog! I've been at this about 2 months now and I don't think my husband will ever get used to it!

Scrap323 said...

Those are some great deals! Where did you get all those coupons because I have not seen them anywhere yet. I would appreciate any help becuz I am new at this!

paisley penguin said...

Awesome job! I am going to have to find out more about this! See you tomorrow morning.

Fidget said...

fantastic job!!i need to buy a printer. I'm sick over how many printable qs i miss out on