Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yet another GREAT deal!

Total out of pocket (oop)...$14.96!

What does one get for $14.96?

4 boxes Kellogg's brand cereal
6 boxes Eggo waffles
2 boxes fruit snacks (Diego and John Deere)
a gallon of milk
a pound of margarine
2 pounds of ground turkey
a whole roasting chicken
a frozen pizza
a chocolate brownie Clif bar
a bag of Pirate's Booty
a box of Eskimo Pie ice cream bars

How does one purchase all of the above for so little? Coupons paired with sales...that's how!

Our local Top Foods grocery store is having a sale today (through next week Tuesday) on Kellogg branded items, they are priced at 5 for $10. But, if you purchase $20 worth of items (so 10 items) you get a store coupon for $20 off of your next purchase of $20 or more. Basically you get your Kellogg items free!

So, I went in armed with my list and coupons ($1/2 boxes of cereal, $1/2 boxes of Eggo's, $1/2 boxes of fruit snacks) I had 2 of the cereal coupons, 3 of the eggo coupons and one of the fruit snack coupons.

I separated my cart into two transactions.

The first was 4 boxes of cereal, 4 boxes of Eggos and 2 boxes of fruit snacks so I spent exactly $20 before coupons. Add in my coupon savings of $5 and that takes it down to $15, but the Eggos we ringing at $1.99 each that brought me down $.04 more to a grand total oop $14.96.
Out came my $20 off my next purchase coupon. Which I used to pay for my second transaction. :)

The second transaction was for the remaining 2 boxes of Eggos (which I had a coupon for), milk, margarine, ground turkey, chicken, pizza, clif bar, pirates booty, and ice cream bars. The total on this was $20.89. I handed over my $1/2 eggo coupon and my $20 off my next purchase and actually had an overage of $.11 but because the store can't pay you to take groceries, I politely asked the clerk to adjust the price on my $1 off coupon to $.89 to make my total $0.00! I was even complimented by the clerk who said that my use of this coupon was “the most effective she has ever seen!” I felt pretty proud of myself. This is only my second deal afterall.

This is going to be super fun for me as I love a challenge!


Anonymous said...

holy moly, that's a lot of groceries. Thanks for sharing how you did it.

mom2nji said...

wow great job! I am new to this too! Its such a great feeling to get free stuff (: