Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For a what? Really?????

I called today to schedule my son's 5th birthday party.

We decided to go to a local pool and have a pool party. We can rent a room to do cake and presents for an hour plus a separate teaching pool area that's only 2.5 feet deep for an additional hour for a total of $125. Not too bad considering 1) it can accommodate all the children we need to invite 2) all the kids get to swim for this price too and 3) most of the other places I called were at least $200 for either less space, less kids or both.

When I first called, I told them what I wanted (the small room and the teaching pool)and the really nice lady that was helping me checked availability. The teaching pool was available no problem. Reserved! The room I wanted however, was already booked by another family. Shoot! Second choice...booked as well by the same family. Apparently ALL of the pool side rooms were booked by the same family. Enough space for 115 people! I asked the really nice organizer lady when this giant party would be over and she laughed as she told me that they had the entire space booked for the entire evening! Greedy bastards! I just want the one little room! Naturally the snicker in the voice of my helper caught my curiosity. I asked her why she was laughing. This family that so greedily rented all of the rooms had also rented the ENTIRE pool for the evening! They also rented a bouncy house (you know the giant ones like at carnivals, yeah that kind) that would be inflated in one of the rooms AND they rented the lazy river which is a currented area where you float down on inner tubes. The only thing these people didn't rent was the teaching pool which I now had reserved and the one other party room that is on the other side of the facility, which is going to have to do for our little party because I rented it before they could call back and decide that they needed more space. Ha Ha! Take that you greedy people!

Anyway, back to my crazy story. So, I was shocked that someone would need such a huge amount of space so I commented on the fact that it must be something really special. Again, my helper laughed...and again I asked. You all are dying to know what this HUGE party is for right??

You'll never's totally ridiculous. It's completely over the top. I mean really, I could see if it were for a graduation party or an 16 or 18th birthday. OH NO, this isn't for anything like that. This HUGE party that is costing these people more than $1000 is for: A LITTLE BOY'S FIRST BIRTHDAY! Can you believe it? How on earth are they going to top that next year?

My parting words to my phone helper were these "Well, thank you for all your help today and if you by chance speak to Jerrin's mom, please tell her I hope they enjoy their $1000 birthday party as I know we will enjoy our $125 one!" She cracked up and thanked me as well and wished me a good day.

I can not believe some people! If you happen to be reading this Jerrin's mom, I think you're crazy but thanks for stopping by anyway.

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