Sunday, April 26, 2009

But, I'm a nice person...

Dear Girl from Highschool who won't accept me as a facebook friend,

I have no idea as to why you won't accept my invitation to be your friend on facebook. I truly do know you and thought we were friends during school. Remember me? I had a locker assignment right next to you for many years because our school based assignments on birthdays and we happen to share the same one. And about that, are you maybe mad because we had to share the same room in the hospital the day we were born? Did it make you mad that I was always nice to you? Were you perhaps burdenend by the fact that we have known each other since birth and our families know each other too? Was that a bit of oblilgatory friendship that we shared in school maybe? If so, could you just write me a little note back and let me know? Because silly me, I thought you were really my friend who I had lost touch with and was genuinely curious as to how you are and have been for the past 12 years!

I truly do hope things are well for you and I truly do hope to hear back.

Thanks and take care,
small town city girl

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