Thursday, April 23, 2009

So, I have to brag a bit...

My son is only 5. He turned 5 in March, so he is "just 5". Today, we were at Walmart and he wanted to get a Lego playset. He chose the police helicopter, with all of its 94 peices , instructions for big kids and all that jazz. So, I let him get it thinking it would be a great project for us to put together as a team. We get home and he immediately wants to tear into the box and start. I hesitate because I have a load of groceries to put away first, but decide to let him begin without me. The kid put the whole thing together without even the slightest bit of help! I was so proud! He was so proud! It was a great day!

This is what he ended up with. And yes, his really does look like this!

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beansntatersmama said...

Aren't you just floored when kids seem so much smarter than adults? Tell him good going, maybe he'll want to be some kind of engineer. Have a great weekend!