Friday, May 1, 2009

Another pee post. Different pee though.

So today whilest cleaning the bathroom; I decided to deep clean and scrub the walls and everything. I know right? I was feeling really ambitious!

So, cleaning the walls....I discovered that boys/men are gross, icky, dirty mongers. How on earth does pee end up on the wall? The wall is like a foot and a half away from the toilet! I absolutely don't know! So, from now on when cleaning the bathroom, I will be cleaning all the walls and the side of the vanity to make sure that there isn't excrement on them.

UGH! Just one more thing to do.

Did you learn any fun tidbits this week?

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beansntatersmama said...

When my six year old goes you better not be standing anywhere on the right side of his body, back away like 3 ft. Not

Hoosier Homemade said...

Funny! I have 3 boys and a husband of course, I'm cleaning the bath all the time! Just had an "incident" with the 18 year old DS this morning. Sorry to say, it doesn't get any better the older they get.